The Jones, Silas & Ward Lab are a group of researchers at the Middlesex University, Psychology department, whose primary interests are in the field of cognition and cognitive neuroscience. All three Principal Investigators are Associate Professors within the department and have a strong track record of research and teaching.

Dr Alexander Jones has an interest in attentional processes primarily in the somatosensory domain and has expertise in Electroencephalography (EEG).

Dr Jonathan Silas has an interest in action observation and olfaction and has an expertise in EEG and brain stimulation techniques (TMS, tACS, tDCS).

Dr Emma Ward has an interest in human memory and cognitive aging. She is particularly interested in the relationship between explicit (e.g., recognition) and implicit (e.g., priming) memory, and the effect of aging on these forms of memory.

We have a strong belief that the best way to do science and to teach science is to do so collaboratively - expertise and effort can be shared plus… it’s a lot more fun. Whilst we each have our own research interests, endeavors and separate collaborations we find our most successful, interesting and enjoyable work comes from being part of the lab.